Smart Dera is an urban renewal and practical youth education program with a mission to develop a smart laboratory to help and educate our youth through smart ways (Internet of Things) remotely and to build smart urban cities making them citizen friendly and sustainable. Smart Cities Mission envisions developing model city based on the advanced Internet and communication (that is an Internet of Things) technologies for day to day life.   Wanna be Smart >

An IoT-based smart city platform
The SmartDera Lab. will provide an open platform through which all data created from sensors deployed within the smart city can be collected and shared

The smart city's competitiveness.
The SmartDera Lab. aims to build a sustainable smart city in which citizens (specifically students and researchers) and local startups participate in developing the smart city and share ideas.

Globalization of smart city
The SmartDera Lab. will support citizens' participation, commercialization, and globalization. It will promote global competitiveness by cooperating with other cities in Pakistan and other smart cities around the world.