Build your City Smart

Smart City refers to a futuristic city based on the latest ICT that provides a pleasant and convenient life for the citizens.

Beyond the simple combination of 'smart' and 'city, the smart city aims to make the city 'smarter' for the purpose of resolving various problems found in the city, in terms of traffic, environment, housing, and facilities.

Livable city│Improve quality of life
The core of Smart City is to solve urban problems by building a smart city platform in the existing city. Past the city traffic congestion, power shortages, environmental pollution problems when expanding roads and power plants, such as the issue it has been resolved through a physical way. Smart City looks for solutions to shared problems and analyzes data generated over the Internet, etc. sensors, CCTV installed in city facilities. Through traffic, energy management, industrial support, healthcare and to provide IT services in various fields such as culture, gods, building management, improving the quality of life.
Growing city│Ensuring competitive cities
Bring innovation in urban operations by building a smart city can achieve a competitive city. The citizens want to participate directly in the smart city development and building a sustainable harvest city that shares your ideas. Individuals, industry, development incessant apply IT skills in the public sector and job creation effects can be achieved through a variety of investment and urban competitiveness and cooperation character.
IoT-based smart city
Now we are living in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), after the age of mobile. IoT refers to an internet environment in which people and physical objects, things, are connected through wired and wireless network to collect and share information and communicate with one another. In various fields such as healthcare, remote inspection, and smart home, as well as home appliances and electronics, things are connected and controlled and the information is shared via the internet. By applying IoT technologies, we aim to collect and share data created everywhere in a smart city so that all services and cities can be organically connected and citizens can enjoy convenient urban life.